You Were Wrong

    Monday, July 10, 2023

    You said being a pastor’s wife is nothing at all. That I was a believer in the church treated just like everyone else. You were wrong!

    Dear friend, you said it was my role to pray for all the broken, visit all the ill, befriend all the new faces and fill all the gaps for my husband. I’m afraid you were wrong!

    You said you didn’t see me differently at all and that jealousy is never a thing because no one wants to be a pastor’s wife. Yet every move is studied, compared and imitated and not always with a good heart. You were so wrong!

    You said we are superhuman with a call that makes us strong enough for the slurs, insults, gossip and pressure. You were wrong because we feel it all.

    You said our kids are called and need to be ready to set example for everyone else’s kids. That they’re set to a higher standard and need to see themselves as such. You were certainly wrong!

    You said pastors’ wives change when their husband’s embark on ministry. And in this dear friend, you were right!

    A million man-made expectations, hurts and delusions change us inside and out a million times over. And so deeply do we change! The loss of an elderly member changes us. The women who loses her loved one changes us. The critical visit to a passing child changes us. Finances, meetings, decision making for our husbands and lonely nights we comfort him, oh it changes us. Critical words over our men with whom we share life and love changes us all whilst they pray and bear burdens with knives and words. It changes them and changes us.  A deep hovering over our kids who we want to know Jesus more than anything changes us. And tearful prayers of love that gush out of our broken hearts as the spirit prays for you who cause us pain at times. It changes us.

    The journey of being a pastor’s wife does the same job in us as believers that all our journeys are designed to do when we accept the call of Christ. That is, to make us more like Jesus and to change us to become more like him and less like the things that we go through.

    We are pastors’ wives and thankful that if we must change that it is Jesus that is never wrong.  Jesus is always right. And He promises to make us like Him until that day where we yearn to hear well done.

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