Who We Are

Helping pastors & their families thrive in ministry

Our Story

Care for Pastors was founded in 2004 by Ron & Rodetta Cook to provide a safe and caring place for pastors and their families to receive counseling, encouragement, and resources to grow and thrive in ministry. Both Ron and Rodetta have a passion to minister to pastors and their spouses who need the message “you are worthy.” Learn more about how Care for Pastors came to exist, where we are, and where we’re going.

Our Team

No one understands a pastor like another pastor. That’s at the heart of our ministry. Our staff and counseling team are made up of pastors, pastors’ wives, and pastors’ kids.  We truly understand the unique challenges of pastoral ministry and we’re here to help you.

Our Vision & Mission

While our goal is to provide the best possible care and counseling for pastors and their families, we recognize this would be impossible without having a clear vision and mission. The existence of our vision and mission affirms our commitment to caring for pastors and their families. Learn about what makes Care for Pastors’ heart beat.

Our Beliefs & Values

Our beliefs and values as a ministry are founded on the unchanging truths of God and his Word. Care for Pastors is committed to seeing pastors changed by the gospel, who are then able to see churches and communities transformed for the glory of God. Discover what we believe in and what we value the most.

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