By Patti Johnson

Patti has been volunteering with Care for Pastors with The Confidante for Pastors’ Wives for 7 years after she and her husband received counsel from Care for Pastors as a way to give back to the ministry. She joined the Care for Pastors staff in January 2020. Patti is one of the administrators of The Confidante Private Facebook group for pastors' wives and is a regular contributor to weekly blogs. She loves to use her gifts and abilities to support the needs of the ministry. Patti has been married to her Pastor husband Keith for 36 years. They have 3 adult children who all to their delight live in Florida.

    The Red Sea Rules

    Monday, January 29, 2024

    Our church recently started a caregivers/caregiving support group. It is easy to identify yourself as a caregiver if it fits the traditional style of living with someone or someone living with you who needs your assistance. That is generally understood as a caregiver. But caregiving can be a wide range of circumstances. Grocery shopping for a neighbor, driving someone to appointments, picking up prescriptions, helping with laundry, talking over a cup of tea, providing companionship to someone living alone.

    Both circumstances can get overwhelming very quickly, or slowly over time.

    Besides providing support for one another, the group is also reading and discussing a book that others have found helpful for this time.

    The book is The Red Sea Rules by Robert J Morgan.

    The simple tag line on the front of the book is this: “The same God who led you in will lead you out”, 10 God-given strategies for difficult times.”

    In the preface there is a quote by Charles Spurgeon that sets the tone for journeying through a difficult time of life.

    “The Lord will make a way for you where no foot has been before. That which, like a sea, threatens to drown you, shall be a highway for your escape.” — Charles H. Spurgeon

    This book is a good read to help focus you on God, His ways and His rescue in, through and out of a difficult circumstance. Whether your circumstance is short term, a life stage, or a life time commitment, it will give you some thoughts of wisdom and practical action steps to journey on.

    Help us continue providing resources of care for pastors and their families.

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