As I shared with you last week, these next few weeks will be dedicated to Eric’s Story and today I want to share Krissie’s blog ten days after Eric took his life.

It’s the little things. Like a text in the morning, a friend stopping by, a hug from a stranger who knew my husband, or a simple “praying for you.”

I couldn’t seem to get myself to church today. I did get out of bed though because Joah has pink eye, so off to the doctor we go!

I stopped at our local Starbucks on the way and everyone came to the window and said “It’s Eric’s wife!” They handed me my coffee and egg white bites and told me how much they loved my husband. They said I would never have to pay there and it’s their way of honoring him by loving us. I bawled of course.

I miss him so much but it’s the little things that God uses to remind me of Eric and his joy. It’s the little things that God provides to remind me of His love and peace over everything.

So, thank you for the little things.

They do not go unnoticed.

They matter.

Don’t let life get so busy that you forget that “little things” matter. If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression, please encourage them to get help. Life is not hopeless!

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