On Christ the Solid Rock

    Monday, January 08, 2024

    The old hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand” says “when all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay.”

    It is interesting that our external challenges can cause our heart and soul to be downcast on the inside of us. Instability of circumstances and people can influence our hearts greatly.

    In recent times, I’ve been particularly observant of just how much I need the constant, unfailing arm of God to lean on. With the best will in the world, our other sources of comfort and stability are as incapable as we are to sustain us. We can make good plans for our home and finances, but a flood, bad turn in life, or cause for a big spend reminds us how money is not an unfailing arm.

    Who has not called a friend for solace and a chat only to have it ring out or go to voicemail?

    Whose spouse has not said the wrong thing, misunderstood, or had a bad day that impacts how much you can lean on their humanity in order to bear your own.

    It is easy to be disappointed in an unanswered phone call but, remember, no one can promise to be as constant and available as God does.

    We live in community and in a world of scaffolding that keeps life afloat. We surely do need plans and strategies as adults, and we need other people to journey with us. Ultimately, we need Jesus who never changes, understands our plight, and has given secure evidence of His unfailing love and constancy. He has shown us by way of the cross that never depreciates or loses power. It is only He that can save and heal us.

    My relationship with Jesus is the safest and greatest investment. His answers are never lacking, His predictions for me are solid, and His sustained love is unquestionable.

    As a pastor’s wife, mother, friend, and colleague, I need more than anything to be anchored in Jesus if I’m ever to offer even a little of the grace and accountability that He gives to me. As we receive of His love and wisdom, we can freely give but, ultimately, what we give them is a signpost to lean on God.

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