Lord, Help Me Be a Better Waiter

    Monday, June 17, 2024

    You tried your best, didn’t you? You put on your game face and dressed up, stood up, showed up, and served up to the very best of your ability. Still, they found a way to turn your good intentions into bad motives and your good deeds into garbage. How could they misunderstand it all so profoundly? How could they be so aggressive and, yet, be so convinced that they were the ones being victimized?

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic answer for those questions. I, too, have been left bewildered by the behavior and words of ‘friends’. At times, I’ve been downright wounded. And I want so desperately for them to know that their perceived reality of the situation is just not real. I want to defend myself and convince them that it is they who are in the wrong. I want the Holy Spirit to get busy “convicting them of their sin and leading them to repentance.”

    I want justice!

    What I need to remember most in those moments is that HE is my Shield and Defender. He is my Refuge and my Fortress. He is my Healer.

    He is my Abba.

    So, back I go. Back to Him whose love knows no bounds. Back to the One who formed me, fashioned me, and is shaping me into just who HE wants me to be. As I wait quietly before Him, He reminds me of all these things and gives me the great gift of His Peace; peace that defies the logic of the situation and that surpasses my understanding.

    From Him WILL come the victory…in time. And in time, I will have to leave here and put on that game face once again. But not now. Not yet. For now, I will present myself to my Defender, entrust myself to my Healer, quiet my mind before my Abba…and wait.

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