By Rodetta Cook

Rodetta Cook has been a pastor’s wife for over 40 years. She and her husband, Ron, have actively served the Lord together in ministry during the entire time and are co-founders of Care for Pastors. She understands the expectations, loneliness and how hard it is to find balance in ministry as a pastor’s wife. Rodetta also leads the pastor’s wives initiative at Care for Pastors called The Confidante and ministers to hundreds of wives each week. She strives to share blogs with other pastors’ wives that will help them in their ministry walk.

    I Speak to You Continually

    Monday, October 01, 2018

    As we begin another busy week, I want to focus on our busy lives as pastors’ wives. There are so many things we are expected to participate in and so many things we are expected to be good at. Therefore, we get so caught up in the “doing” of ministry that we forget to “be.” Be still and listen to Him speak because He does speak continually.

    I had a devotional recently that speaks to this and I would like to share it with you today.

    I speak to you continually. My nature is to communicate, though not always in words. I fling glorious sunsets across the sky, day after day after day. I speak in the faces and voices of loved ones. I caress you with a gentle breeze that refreshes and delights you. I speak softly in the depths of your spirit, where I have taken up residence.

    You can find Me in each moment, when you have eyes that see and ears that hear. Ask My Spirit to sharpen your spiritual eyesight and hearing. I rejoice each time you discover My Presence. Practice looking and listening for Me during quiet intervals. Gradually you will find Me in more and more of your moments. You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me above all else.

    I never get tired of a sunrise or a sunset and just marvel at His artwork. I love the gentle breezes He sends. But how many times do we see and feel those things, but are too busy to stop and thank Him for communicating to us through those things? I know I am guilty. If we get so caught up in doing ministry we will miss out on hearing and seeing His communication. Don’t let ministry rob you of his continual speaking!

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