How We Care

For Pastors’ Wives

What We Offer

Pastors’ wives need others who can come alongside and support them in their unique role, which is why we’ve created this ministry just for you. Learn more about our specific ministry offerings to pastors’ wives below.

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On-Site & Virtual Care

We offer safe, confidential, and personalized on-site and virtual care counseling for pastors’ wives and pastoral couples. For our week-long on-site intensives, we also provide accommodations at our ministry home, the Ephesians House. Whatever your need is, we’re here for you and your family.

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The Confidante for Pastors’ Wives Facebook Group

This private Facebook Group exists for pastors’ wives to have a safe place where they can post questions, prayer requests, or struggles. Our purpose is to provide an open space for pastors’ wives to come alongside and encourage one another and act as confidantes for other pastors’ wives in ministry. All members are vetted to ensure this group is truly a safe place.

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Blogs for Pastors’ Wives

Our calling is to help those who are living the life of a pastor’s wife. Writing a blog to pastors’ wives is a privilege and a task we take seriously. Our hope is to provide you with inspiration to follow Christ, insights to fulfill your role, information that is practical, and boosts of encouragement to propel you down the path of ministry.

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Events for Pastors’ Wives

Pastors’ wives need the support and encouragement of others who understand their unique role, which is why we host events just for pastors’ wives to get together in person. Check out the events page for more details on upcoming events made just for you.

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