How We Care

For Churches

Care for Churches

A strategic ministry of Preventative Care

Pastors and church staff need a safe place to turn.

To finish well, pastors need those who will come alongside them to provide outside encouragement, counsel, and accountability.

This enables them to live and serve out of spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being. The ministry of Care for Pastors wants to do everything possible to provide ministry support to pastors and their families effectively and conveniently as possible.

Many leaders have expressed a desire for their pastor and spouse, staff, or church leaders to come to our ministry office, but due to jobs, time, distance, etc. it is challenging. Care for Pastors can bring our ministry of Care for Churches to the local church.

What We Offer*

  • Evaluations of the strengths and challenges being faced by the team and the church.
  • One-on-one pastoral time with the Senior Pastor, pastoral staff, and their spouses.
  • Meetings with non-pastoral staff to promote unity, teamwork, and understanding of pastoral challenges.
  • wOngoing counseling and support for pastoral staff as needed.
  • ~Total confidentiality with the counselors of Care for Pastors, pastoral staff, and their spouses.

*These are not necessarily inclusive of all our services. Customization will take place as needed

We’re here for your church.

Connect with us and let us bring the ministry of Care for Churches to your church.

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