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Care for Pastors Sunday

Encouraging healthy relationships between churches and their pastors.

It is a forgone conclusion that pastors are to provide care for the people in their church.

Pastors all across the world guard, feed, nurture and lead their congregants to develop spiritually healthy lives that positively affect their communities for Christ. This is their God-given responsibility (Hebrews 13), and most of them take the spiritual well-being of the flock they tend very seriously. Pastors invest mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

What is often overlooked, is that for the relationship between the pastor and their congregation to be healthy, there must be a balance of giving and receiving from each to the other. The tendency of many churchgoers is only to receive, which creates an unhealthy drain on the pastor. Care for Pastors Sunday provides a wonderful platform for churchgoers to give back to their pastors!

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Care for Pastors Sunday

Sunday, October 13th, 2024

We’ve created an Event Planning Guide to help individuals and churches in planning a Care for Pastors Sunday event. It is full of creative and inspirational ideas you can use to demonstrate appreciation and care for your pastor(s) and their families. Also in the guide you’ll find some helpful planning advice to help you organize, promote, and implement a church-wide event. The guide is completely FREE, and you can have it downloaded directly within moments!

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