I have a question for you. Do you have someone in your life to help keep you accountable and on track? We all need this, even we as pastors’ wives. Many times there are warning signs, but we ignore them and if we don’t have someone asking us the hard questions, we will continue to ignore them until it’s too late. I pray if you don’t have that confidante in your life, you will put that into place to help keep you on the right track.

I recently read a book by someone who has experienced this first hand, and that is Sandi Patty in her book Falling Forward into His Arms of Grace. I would highly recommend this book whether you are dealing with temptations or if you are in a healthy place. We can all learn from other’s mistakes. Here is a statement from her book:

“For every mother who has thought, “I just blew it with my kids,” for every wife who thinks she just can’t stand to pretend anymore, for every friend who thinks she’s reached the end of her patience, for every headline you read about someone who has compromised—there’s a story that started from birth and led to the chapter she is currently surviving.”

Keep your eyes on the Lord and don’t allow Satan to get a foothold in any area.

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