Date & Times

Thursday, November 4th
7:00 pm & 9:30 pm (EST)


(Facebook Live, YouTube Live, & Our Website)

A crisis is all around us in 2021

The truth is, crisis is around us every day. Drama, uncertainty, and the constant pace of change tend to wear even the strongest of us down. Who do you go to when you need encouragement and renewal? Here’s a thought, who does your Pastor go to? The reality is this, all of us need a safe, caring place to turn in times of crisis. As the body of Christ, not only do we need to care for one another in these times of crisis, but now more than ever, we must care for our pastors and their families.

Pastoral families around the nation are facing challenges at every turn

Ministry burnout and fatigue, marital and family challenges, church conflict and disunity, forced resignation, and ministry trauma. Add to this the challenge of leading and guiding their churches in the midst of these unprecedented and chaotic times, and it becomes easy to see why 100s of pastoral families walk away or are forced out of ministry every month. The effect this has on churches and communities is not only devastating to our nation, but to the cause of Christ around the world.

Join us for Caring in Times of Crisis

During this live virtual event, you will


Be Informed

On why Care for Pastors exists, what we do, and how we’ve been making an impact in the lives of pastors, their families, and the churches they lead for more than 15 years.

Be Inspired

To not only care for one another but to care for your pastor and their family in the midst of these chaotic times.

Be Invited

To join with us in our vision of caring for EVERY pastoral family, through prayer, advocacy, and giving financially.

Don’t miss out on an evening that will make a lasting impact in the lives of pastors, their families, and churches around the nation in these times of crisis.

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